Spotlight: Budder

Spotlight: Budder

What is Budder?

First manufactured in Vancouver, BC, Budder is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates on the market right now. In terms of consistency, budder is in between liquid and solid. It’s neither firm like shatter nor sappy like an oil. It is similar to wax but softer and more malleable. Budder retains high levels of terpenes during production making it more flavorful than other cannabis concentrates.

How to Use Budder

Budder is the easiest cannabis concentrate to portion out and consume consistently. It is much easier to handle than shatter or oil. Its unique consistency makes it a very versatile option when you are choosing how to consume and enjoy your budder. Budder can be smoked out of a vaporizer, dabbed out of a dab rig, sprinkled on top of some cannabis and then rolled in either a joint or blunt and can even be used during the making of edibles.

Benefits of Using Budder

  • Budder contains levels of cannabidiol and cannabinol which are considered medically beneficial.
  • Cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, helps to mitigate the effects of the budder’s high THC level.
  • It contains no toxins, moulds, solvents, or any other contaminants.
  • The THC levels in Budder are as high as 80%.
  • The terpene profile is higher then other concentrates making it more flavorful when consumed.
  • The level of terpenes can be adjusted based on taste.

Some of Our Favourite Budder

Rockstar Budder by Diamond Concentrates


Strain Type: Indica
Brand: Diamond Concentrates

Lambs Bread Budder by Diamond Concentrates

Lambs Bread

Strain Type: Sativa
Brand: Diamond Concentrates

Pineapple Chunk Budder by Diamond Concentrates

Pineapple Chunk

Strain Type: Hyrbrid
Brand: Diamond Concentrates

Larry OG Budder by Diamond Concentrates

Larry OG

Strain Type: Hyrbrid
Brand: Diamond Concentrates

Snoops Dream Budder by Diamond Concentrates

Snoops Dream

Strain Type: Hyrbrid
Brand: Diamond Concentrates

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